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Web Services

Numerous websites and web applications are being added onto the World Wide Web and it is imperative that businesses have the web applications that enhance value proposition as well as provide customer delight. From a collaborative content management system or a thriving e-commerce site, we at Simplogics know how to customize it to meet your business needs. With the latest and reliable tools, we help you develop high-performance applications.


e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most happening business models across the globe with organizations and individuals keen to tap into every opportunity they come across. Simplogics helps you create specialized e-commerce solutions that can leverage the full potential of customer-driven design and behavioral analytics that will help your business to stand out in the market. Simplogics has proven competence in creating customized scalable e-commerce solutions with data security and integrity ensuring you get the most out of the market.


Search Engine Optimization is the saviour of your website in the ever growing and competitive internet space. If your website is not optimized for search engines like Google, Bing and others, there are chances that your website or services may fail to attract potential visitors. Simplogics helps add value to your key online offerings by productive and result-oriented Search Engine Optimization. Targeted SEO, optimized pages, frequent website audit, etc play a crucial role in improving the overall online presence and visibility of your online assets in various search engines.


Undoubtedly, any hardware or software functions trouble free only when properly maintained. The same is the case with web applications and websites that organizations create to reach out to their customers. When it comes to maintenance of legacy technologies or web applications, Simplogics helps you to migrate/ maintain/ upgrade web applications or portals developed using legacy technologies like C++, MFC, classic ASP, Java, etc into the newest versions of these technologies. The experienced engineers at Simplogics – who are experts in troubleshooting, diagnostics, configuration, optimization, development, extension, and enhancement of all web applications – keeps the online assets functioning 24×7.


Managing web applications can consume a major chunk of the budget of an organization. As organizations grow bigger, they will have to spend more time on core activities like R&D, new product development, etc. and during this phase, organizations find it difficult to manage, evaluate and enhance the multiple platforms, technologies, and applications. By efficiently handling these non-core activities, Simplogics helps organizations focus on their core activities. We can deploy our resources for application enhancement, maintenance and support activities that can include bug fixes, system up/down checking, upgrade, etc.