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Mobility: Business Anywhere

Mobile devices are increasingly playing a major role in driving digital transformation and they are transforming the way organizations do business. From enabling business emails and data on the move, handheld devices have taken a new role and have started mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business. With the help of mobility solutions and services, companies can leverage contextual, real-time facts to reach out to customers, employees and partners across the globe without any time or geography barriers. Our mobility services and solutions make locations irrelevant, extract more value from solutions, and help businesses grow.

Multiple Platform

Mobile technology is one of the most dynamic technologies of the twenty-first century. Simplogics offers complete Mobile Application Development across all leading mobile development platforms. Our expertise includes native iOS, Android development as well as cross platform applications. The tradition of creating simple yet fascinating innovations have helped us stay highly competitive in this very dynamic technology.


Mobile applications need to be constantly updated and maintained to be up to date with constantly evolving devices and operating systems. When it comes to maintenance of mobile applications built on multiple platforms or cross platform applications, Simplogics can lend you a helping hand to reduce the time organizations spend on such non-core activities. We support organizations with end-to-end support throughout the entire mobility life cycle. The experienced engineers at Simplogics who are experts in troubleshooting, diagnostics, configuration, optimization, development, extension, and enhancement of all mobile applications will aid in keeping you ahead of your competitors.