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The new trends and advancements in science, engineering and the introduction of emerging and disruptive technologies have been changing the Healthcare industry over the years.To provide class leading services in the Healthcare industry, organizations have to provide more personalized services that are focused on patient-centric behaviour. These can be easily done by implementing innovative services using cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things and mobility. IT-enabled processes and products help organizations increase the quality of healthcare delivery reduce cost and improve financial performance.Our service offerings for the Healthcare industry include development and testing of engineering software that control medical device, clinical applications, and information systems.

We also, support organizations in the maintenance of legacy healthcare systems and thereby freeing up your core team, who can thereby focus on R&D for new product development.


The Banking sector is one of the dynamic and happening industry as dramatic changes are happening frequently. Policy decisions like demonetization or Brexit or change in foreign policies of different countries and can bring about unexpected changes in the industry. Even in this regulated, dynamic and competitive market, banks should maintain their competitive edge and exceed customer expectations and make a difference for them.The time has changed and now the customer is looking for a safe, seamless and interactive banking environment, and to achieve this bank will have to think beyond an automated Banking service and focus on risk management techniques aligned with regulatory compliance.

By partnering with banks and financial institutions Simplogics helps them innovate, improve business process, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk and cost of ownership.


Like every other industry, the Education sector is also seeing a tremendous change. Many institutions have adopted the future or new generation technologies that help them increase learning and improve productivity. In order to provide educational excellence, institutions will have to enhance their teaching and learning methodology. And, this is possible through operation automation, online tools, student monitoring systems, and mobile content delivery.At Simplogics, we believe that modernizing learning infrastructure and content delivery mechanisms enables the student community to get more benefits in terms of the improved learning experience. By blending our expertise in consulting and technology, we deliver innovative solutions that can address the challenges faced by the industry, while enhancing operational excellence through strategies that are cost-effective.

Our service offering for the industry are enterprise mobility solutions, educational publishing services, and collaborative learning solutions.

Communication & Media:

Since the inception of television and the evolution of a multitude of entertainment mediums, the Media and Entertainment industry has witnessed a huge transition. And, this has paved way to an industry rife with competition and deadline-critical projects. To maintain the upper hand in the Communication and Media industry, it is important to be able to create, manage and deliver digital assets in the most effective way and time-bound manner.With a huge spike in audience engagement, media houses and publications are relying on Cloud Computing, CDN, Data Analytics, Social integration and Mobility for content delivery.

At Simplogics, we have risen to the challenges faced by the Communication and Media industry and delivered solutions and software products that helps in retaining and enlarging market share.

Consumer Products:

In the next five years, the Consumer Products industry will witness more changes compared to the last 50 years thanks to the latest trends and a new mode of shopping as a result of the e- Commerce boom. The retail and consumer product market is in the process of undergoing an aggressive change with the ever-changing technology and increasing consumer expectation. And this trend, we are sure will give a seamless experience to the consumers and has the potential to redefine the industry.With the growing needs of the industry, what consumers are looking at is highly personalized experience than mere transactional services. And the solution for this is organizations or retailers will have to adopt in-store mobile and smart devices with the help of IoT and other cloud services to provide a highly personalized experience to consumers.

At Simplogics, we are abreast with the industry, evident in the products we have delivered and services and solutions we are in a position to offer our customers.

Travel & Tourism:

With the transformation of technology, the entire landscape of industries has changed dramatically. The tourism or hospitality industry is no exception to this. Studies show that travel- based mobile apps are the seventh most-downloaded app category and almost 60% of Smartphone users regularly use travel apps while planning trips. With different travel applications on their handheld devices, people seldom go to a travel agency to plan a vacation. Mobile applications have not just improved the travel experience of its users; it has, in fact, benefitted entire Travel & Tourism industry.

Our service offerings for the Travel & Tourism industry include development and testing of mobile and web applications that will help users easily access the services of an organization. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can co-create solutions and leverage technologies that have proved to be a game-changer for this dynamic industry.